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About Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  1. Multiple Sclerosis is a demyelinating disease of the CNS in which the immune system attacks the myelin sheath in the brain and spinal cord.
  2. Scar tissue forms interfering with the brain’s ability to operate the body.
  3. There are no curative treatments available today.
MS, RRMS, MoveS-it Study

What is the MoveS-it Study?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Study of ANK-700 to Assess Safety and Immune Tolerance

We are investigating a potential treatment for Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS) in a phase 1 clinical study in volunteers with RRMS.

Are you qualified for the MoveS-it study?

  • 18 – 60 years old
  • RRMS diagnosis
  • Not wheelchair bound
  • Some medications allowed

If you answered yes to all of these questions use the link below to find out if you can participate.
Other criteria apply.

What is ANK-700?

ANK-700 is an investigational treatment for RRMS. It encompasses a previously identified myelin antigen that is implicated in driving Multiple Sclerosis. We deliver the antigen to the liver and immune system with our liver targeting glycosylation signature.

MS, RRMS, MoveS-it Study

About Clinical Research

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is the process of developing medicines or therapies to possibly prevent, treat, or help with diseases. Before a medicine can become widely available, it must be tested in a series of clinical trials (sometimes called clinical studies) to understand its safety and effectiveness.

Your safety is the top priority of any clinical trial

Our investigators closely monitor the health of everyone who volunteers for clinical trials and receives study medications. If your health gets significantly worse, your study team will decide the best way to protect your health. This might include leaving the study early.

The phases of clinical research

There are usually three phases of clinical trials that investigational medications must go through before regulatory authorities can consider approving them for wider use. These phases study different aspects about the investigational medications and look at it in different groups of people.

Phase 1

  • Is the investigational medication safe?

❯ A small group of patients or healthy volunteers

Phase 2

  • Is the investigational medication safe?
  • Is it effective?
  • How does it work in the body?

❯ A group of volunteers with the disease

Phase 3

  • Confirm the investigational medication is safe
  • Confirm it is effective
  • How does it work in the body?

❯ A larger group of volunteers with the disease

ANK-700 is in Phase 1

Taking part is voluntary

You do not need to take part in any clinical trial if you don’t want to. Even if you qualify and decide to join, you are free to leave at any time. Just let your study team know so they can do a final health check.

Taking part is at no cost to you

The study medication and all trial-related tests and procedures not considered part of your usual care are normally provided at no cost. If you live in the US, you don’t need insurance to participate. In some locations, transportation to and from study visits or reimbursement for travel-related costs may also be provided, so be sure to ask your study team.

For more information about living with Multiple Sclerosis, please visit:

Site Locations
For the MoveS-it Study

Can’t find a site near you?

No problem!
Travel services can be provided.

Find out more

UC Health Neurosciences Center
Aurora, CO
PI: Amanda Piquet, MD
Study Contact: Sama Kareem
+1 720.472.2254

UT Health Science Center at Houston
Department of Neurology
Houston, TX
PI: John W. Lindsey, MD
Study Contact: Jim Jemelka
+1 713.500.7045

MS Center of Greater Washington
Vienna, VA
PI: Heidi Crayton, MD
Study Contact: Rebeca Marin
+1 703.226.4030

Cleveland Clinic
Mellan Center for MS
Cleveland, OH
PI: Jeffrey Cohen, MD
Study Contact: Leah Tardivo
+1 216.445.5788

MultiCare Medical Associates
Neuroscience Center of Washington
Tacoma, WA
PI: Stacy Donlon, MD
Study Contact: Tonya Stigger
+1 253.403.1208

Ochsner Clinic Foundation
New Orleans, LA
PI: Jenny Feng, MD
Study Contact: Maya Friedman
+1 504.842.4819

UT Southwestern Medical Center
O’Donnell Brain Institute
Dallas, TX
PI: Benjamin Greenberg, MD
Study Contact: Taylor Quance
+1 214.645.3230

Advanced Neurosciences Institute
Franklin, TN
PI: Samuel F. Hunter, MD, PhD
Study Contact: Samuel Hunter
+1 615.791.5470

Aqualane Clinical Research
Naples, FL
PI: Matthew Baker, MD
Study Contact: Daniela Gonzalez
+1 239.529.6780

Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience
Comprehensive MS Center
Philadelphia, PA
PI: Thomas P. Leist, MD
Study Contact: Angira Mathur
+1 215.955.5765

University of Kansas
Lander Center on Aging and Neurology
Kansas City, KS
PI: Sharon G. Lynch, MD
Study Contact: Lisa Schmidt
+1 913.588.3968

North Central Neurology
Cullman, AL
PI: Christopher LaGanke, MD
Study Contact: Marla Morris
+1 256.739.1210

Barrow Neurological Institute
Phoenix, AZ
PI: Aimee Borazanci, MD
Study Contact: Mary Thornton
+1 602.406.6287

University of South Florida – Neurology
Tampa, FL
PI: Derrick Robertson, MD
Study Contact: Amber McPherson
+1 813.974.2423

Midlands Neurology & Pain Associates PA
Columbia, SC
PI: Eleanya Ogburu-Ogbonnay, MD
Study Contact: Sandra Arinze
+1 803.788.0038


We are ensuring that our Phase 1 clinical sites are adhering to national, state, local, and clinical site guidelines during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.