About Us



Harnessing the Power of Natural
Immune Tolerance

Anokion SA (including our wholly-owned subsidiaries Anokion US, Inc. and Kanyos Bio, Inc.) is focused on improving the treatment and outcomes of autoimmune disease. Our proprietary antigen-specific immune tolerance technology is designed to be both more effective and specific than the current standard of care.

Patients suffering from autoimmune diseases harbor immune cells that mistakenly recognize and attack the body’s own cells (self-proteins) as foreign entities. This can lead to tissue destruction, inflammation, and any number of serious complications. The cells that cause these erroneous attacks are known as autoreactive cells.

Current therapies for most autoimmune diseases rely on systemic immunosuppression. Immunosuppressive drugs work by globally inhibiting healthy immune cells, potentially compromising the body’s ability to mount an immune response. This can leave patients vulnerable to certain threats, including infection, certain cancers, and other unwanted side effects.

Anokion’s approach is different. Our therapeutically engineered proteins specifically target the autoreactive cells for removal, while leaving the healthy areas of the immune system untouched. Our antigen-specific approach can be translated to virtually any protein with the potential for widespread clinical use in antigen-mediated autoimmune disease.

Founded in Switzerland and based on innovation from the EPFL Life Sciences, Anokion is led by a diverse team of entrepreneurial scientists and experienced industry professionals, striving to transform treatment for autoimmune patients around the world.